….cutting edge aluminum fabrication techniques along with generative CAD modeling tools to push the “structural limits and precision machinability” of aluminum. The results are a sleek silhouette that’s truly a work of art.
Caroline Williamson, Design Milk
Creativity is all around us, but then there are the people who can actualize inventive, cerebral designs. Such is the case with Alexander Purcell Rodrigues.
Nichole Haddad, New York Spaces
'Smooth and sophisticated' using high-end technology this chair just has ‘that something’ for the judges… 'A fine concept… that could change manufacturing and shipping methods’
George Khachfe, MD Poliform UK. James Mair, MD Viaduct. WIN awards 2014
…the break with convention doesn’t stop there… his distinctive furniture designs need to be considered within the context of a home environment.
Nicole Swengley, FT how to spend it
Alexander Purcell Rodrigues is proof that great British design will always travel… He has a tactile sense of design…
Alex Bagner, GQ