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Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design Studio is an award winning interdisciplinary interior architecture and design consultancy focused on delivering elegant design solutions through a combination of detailed research, a respect for the functional demands of contemporary life and expertly sourced materials that combine to interpret and reflect a client’s unique requirements. We provide innovative, holistic design solutions for high end private and turnkey residences, branded commercial and office environments, immersive experience spaces and industrial product design.

Founded in 2009, APR Design Studio currently has offices in London, NYC and Los Angeles that collectively explore the essence of place and space through creative thinking and client collaboration to draft new design paradigms that shape the future. Working at every scale, from architectural projects down to hand-held products, our client driven approach allows the studio to consider, create and implement a design vision for the interior architectural elements of the project space, along with every object that sits within.

While respecting the rich history of traditional architecture and design, APR Design distinguishes itself through its use of innovative methods juxtaposing state-of-the-art technologies and traditional production techniques to create unique design solutions. Utilizing cutting edge design and fabrication processes combined with natural materials and the intrinsic appeal of traditional craftsmanship, APR Design Studio looks to define a new aesthetic language for the luxury sector.

“We strive to unlock hidden possibilities that encourage our clients to leap beyond expectations…we are not satisfied with the ordinary and we question the status quo. By leveraging our expert design capabilities, highly customizable Atelier Purcell home furnishings collection, and industry leading outside production/sourcing capabilities, we are able to break the usual design dialogue and instead, discover paradigm shifts to create extraordinary spaces that are each uniquely their own.” – Alexander Purcell Rodrigues

Clients include Holly Hunt, May Fair hotel, Promemoria, Radisson Edwardian, MGM, Clivedale London, Link Outdoor, De Castelli, Atelier Property, Adidas, Paul Smith, M&C Saatchi, Polycom, VMT, Hall Wineries and Factory San Francisco. Work of APR Design has been exhibited in museums including the London Design Museum, SFMCD & The Mint Museum.