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No. 42
Creating a modern heirloom
Set within a period town house, located in the heart of Holland Park, No. 42 exudes a sense of grandeur, scale and heritage. We worked with the client to create an interior that befitted an elegant, atmospheric home while at the same time being the fitting backdrop for a 21stcentury family lifestyle. A setting in which people of all ages and cultures can find connection and a place for contemplation.

A discreet understated sense of luxury is created by introducing period details in a contemporary manner. The clean, uncomplicated pallet of muted tones is balanced with the purity and tactile attraction of natural stones, woods and patinated metals. No. 42’s space and architectural details were meticulously considered. Every piece of furniture, lightning and ironmongery was individually designed. By layering materials, textures and shadow, we created an environment that is both restrained in its presentation and opulent in its soul. A true modern heirloom.